One-Stop Guidance Centers provide information, advice and guidance in matters related to work, education, everyday life and participation. The centres bring the different operators together, which is why the service is easy and quick. When using the services of the One-Stop Guidance Center, people do not need to know which operator they should be dealing with or what kind of professional they should ask for help. They only need to find the nearest One-Stop Guidance Center and walk in..

The activities and services of the centres vary across Finland. You will find the services available in your centre on the page of that centre. The page can be conveniently found through the One-Stop search. It is also a good idea to have a look at the centres' frequently asked questions.

The One-Stop Guidance Centers are a part of public services and their services are free of charge for the people who use them. They are funded by the central government and the participating operators finance them from their basic funding. The activities are also supported by the social fund of the European Union.

The tree below outlines the One-Stop Guidance Center activities at a general level..