What is it all about?

Are you in need of an apartment, a study place, a job, friends or even hobbies? Are you anxious or wondering over something, or would you just like to talk to a reliable adult about how to prepare a CV, for example? Whatever your situation may be, it is always worthwhile to visit a One-Stop Guidance Center!

One-Stop Guidance Centers are places located all over Finland, where all persons under the age of 30 can receive free-of-charge assistance and support for various issues, such as applying for a job or a place in a study program. The One-Stop Guidance Centers welcome you as who you are, and you can come alone, with parents or with a friend, and with or without an appointment.

When you come to a One-Stop Guidance Center, you do not need to know which is the right operator to turn to with your issue, or what kind of professional you should ask for help with your problems. All you need to do is find the nearest One-Stop Guidance Center and walk in. The professionals at the One-Stop Guidance Center can surely help you forward.

You can find the One-Stop Guidance Center nearest to you easily with the One-Stop Guidance Center search. It is also advisable to check the One-Stop Guidance Centers’ Frequently asked questions. Visiting a One-Stop Guidance Center is always free of charge. The One-Stop Guidance Centers receive funding from the State and from the basic funding of the participating operators. The activities are also supported by the European Social Fund.