Online Guidance

In this section, we introduce the online guidance platform that is currently under preparation. In addition, we aim to highlight other national or regionally important services that offer online guidance.

In the beginning, the emphasis of the development of online guidance is on vocational guidance and career planning.  

The development team for online guidance began its work in December 2015 and its members are experts from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Finnish National Agency for Education, Koordinaatti - Development Centre of Youth Information and Counselling, the Customer service centre of the employment and economic development administration, VOKES – Finnish Centre for Lifelong Guidance Expertise, and the Development and Administration centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices.

Review of online guidance 11/2017

The development of the online guidance service has moved to the implementation stage. The vision and the specifications of what the nationwide online guidance should be like in the first phase have now been determined. From now on, the service will be built piece by piece towards a working system. The agile project management method is used in the implementation of the first phase, which means that the whole project has been divided into implementation periods of 3-4 weeks, all of which end in the completion of a functional part of the system that can be tested and evaluated. This way we can steer the development work better and more flexibly as the work progresses.

The working group will be able to evaluate the first components at the end of November and, according to the current timetable, the entire service should open for all guidance operators in summer 2018.

The implementation will first focus on the components of advisory and guidance services, and move on to the independently used information service later this spring.

Services provided by the online guidance 

In the beginning, the emphasis of online guidance is on vocational guidance and career planning and on providing education advice. The service is an interactional work platform for the client and the instructor and also contains the tools for multidisciplinary cooperation through multiple channels.

The aim is a service that provides an opportunity to search for information independently and the tools for contacting different professionals. The contact request may be an open question that may develop into a question/answer dialogue of several stages. The contact request may also lead to online guidance in which the situation is discussed together with a professional. The client is also offered the opportunity to request online guidance directly, for example, if it has been concluded in connection with the client's visit to a One-Stop Guidance Center that it would be a good idea to continue the process through the online service.

The online guidance service always enables an individually downloaded guidance mode, a kind of virtual home base that contains the material and tasks used in the process and serves as a record of how the process has progressed. In addition, the guidance mode enables multidisciplinary cooperation based on the client's needs.

The needs of group-based guidance have also been taken into account in the guidance mode, as it is possible to guide several clients simultaneously.    

The service provides the professionals with an opportunity to build contents for the client to be used as a self-service. The service also makes it possible to process different contact requests systematically. This is enabled by the so-called task queue, a list in which the contact requests the instructors and advisers receive in the service are sorted by category and type. The categories that can be selected are job search, education and studying, vocational guidance and career planning, occupations and work, financing of studies, everyday life and other topics. The types of contact requests in the service are questions related to guidance and guidance requests. In addition, it is possible to transfer contact requests from one professional to another if necessary. The task queue also provides a real-time situation picture of one's own work and forthcoming events.

The guidance mode can also be set up for a group of professionals and/or around a theme, thus enabling the sharing of information and learning between them.

The service also compiles statistical data on both quantitative and qualitative indicators. This information can be utilised both in the development of the service and to improve the actual online guidance and the related processes.

The development of the service will continue also after summer 2018, until the end of 2019. Our aim is to further expand the scope of the service and develop it into a tool that is suitable to as many guidance operators as possible.

Guidance is available online

In this section we collect information on available online guidance services or websites that already have lists of such services.