Frequently asked questions

Who are the One-Stop Guidance Centers for?

One-Stop Guidance Centers are meant for all persons under the age of 30. Whether your issue is big or small, or whether you are in need of quick information or long-term guidance – One-Stop Guidance Center is always the right place to go.

What can I get help with from the One-Stop Guidance Center?

The One-Stop Guidance Centers offer you assistance with various issues related to your own life, such as studying, finding employment, housing and welfare. A One-Stop Guidance Center will not directly provide you with an apartment or social assistance, for example, but you will get plenty of information and support for applying for these things. The services provided by the One-Stop Guidance Centers and the professionals who work in the centers vary slightly between localities. Nevertheless, all One-Stop Guidance Centers welcome all persons under the age of 30 with all possible issues: the One-Stop Guidance Centers can always help you and guide you forward.

My home municipality does not have a One-Stop Guidance Center. Can I deal with the One-Stop Guidance Center in the neighbouring municipality?

The One-Stop Guidance Centers are open to all those under the age of 30: each person walking through the doors is entitled to information and advice, despite their place of residence. Only a portion of the services provided by the One-Stop Guidance Centers – often the services that require more in-depth guidance – are usually limited to the residents of the specific municipality. However, it is always worthwhile to visit a One-Stop Guidance Center, regardless of your question and the location of your home municipality, because the professionals at the One-Stop Guidance Centers are there to guide you forward.

You are not alone, even if you cannot visit a One-Stop Guidance Center in person: you can also contact the Centers by telephone, WhatsApp, text message and e-mail. You can find the One-Stop Guidance Center nearest to you and the Center’s contact information here.

Where can I get more information about the One-Stop Guidance Centers?

The best way is to visit a One-Stop Guidance Center personally, either during the operating hours of the Center or at an agreed time. In addition to this website, you can find more information on the One-Stop Guidance Centers’ own webpages, which you can find by first searching for your own One-Stop Guidance Center here. Many One-Stop Guidance Centers are also on Facebook and Instagram, and some are also present in social networks such as YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. Information about One-Stop Guidance Centers can be found on social media channels with the tag #Ohjaamo.